24 Aug 09 Boys Over Baby

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These are my ninongs who happen to be my Dad’s batchmates here in the UAE. They visit me quite often and sometimes they take me to their flats. This shot was taken during my 13th-month birthday dinner held in our flat last 19 August.


22 Aug 09 Inigo Loves Orange Juice

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21 Aug 09 W A N T E D

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Name: Inigo G. Bautista

Age: 13 months

Alias: Boy Pogi

Hair: Black, Curly

Eyes: Black,

Lips: Kissable

Cheeks: Puffy

Complexion: Fair

Built: Chubby

This boy is wanted for large-scale laughter.

19 Aug 09 I’m 13 Months Old!

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I am 13 months old today! My parents prepared a special dinner for me and invited some friends over to celebrate with me. Thanks for coming po!

I have learned a lot of things over the last few weeks. Now, I can sip through a glass and I can also sit up coming from a lying position. I can also clap my hands and wave goodbye. That’s a lot of things, huh! Aren’t you proud of me?! Hehehe!

18 Aug 09 Inigo Eating with Daddy

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17 Aug 09 Inigo with Rubber Duckie and Free Willy

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17 Aug 09 Laugh, laugh, laugh

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