16 Aug 09 Church Day

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Today is Sunday. It’s Church day! Mom, Dad and I go to church on Sundays. We go to St. Mary’s Church in Al Ain.

Yup, there’s a Catholic Church in this Muslim country. UAE allows Christians to practice their religion here. As a matter of fact, a new church building is being constructed and it will be as big as the other mosques around the town. That is one nice thing about this country.

In Saudi Arabia, the practice of Christianity is not allowed, and is even prohibited. Christians are not allowed to bring bibles, rosaries, crosses or anything related to the religion. Christians are sent to jail when they are found to be practicing the religion. And there is no Catholic Church in there.

I am glad we are here in a country where people are free to choose their faith.

The shots above were taken just before we left this afternoon to hear holy mass in the church.


15 Aug 09 Inigo blogs

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Hmmm… What should I write today?

15 Aug 09 The Boy in the Mirror

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I am one year and 4 weeks old. How time flies! I was so little before, now I am bigger! I look at myself in the mirror and I amvery happy with how I am growing. Thanks to my parents who continue to take care of me despite my being makulit.

15 Aug 09 My Playpen

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This is my small playpen.

I play here often.

My toys are here.

I am happy when I am here.

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