27 June 09 Arrived!

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Copy of SNC00115It was late evening when the plane landed at the Dubai Airpot. I know mom had a hard time because she was trying to look after me and our bags. It was difficult to push my stroller and the suitcases trolley at the same time! Thanks for being so strong for me, mom!

Fetching us in the airport was Dad, accompanied by his friends, Ninong Roger and Ninong Remyr. Dad was so glad to see me and mom. It was a relief for him that we both had a safe journey.  Thanks to the One Above!

We arrived at Dad’s flat around 2:30 am. Dad has a very cool place! He even cooked a special meal for us. For the first time, I got to taste Dad’s pasta that all his friends are talking about!  Mom gave me small bits of the pasta and I liked it.

Strange though, I started to have what they call “stranger anxiety” when I arrived here. In the Philippines, everybody carries me and I did not care who they were. But now, I only wanted mom to carry me. I start to cry when somebody else carries me – even Dad!Copy of SNC00120

Sorry about that Dad. It seems being away from you for some months gave me this strange feelings. Add to that, my new environment is giving me a lot of anxiety – new house, new bed, new toys, new friends around. Please give me some more time Dad. You’ll surely love it when we start to get along!

26 June 09 Leaving

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IMG_9671aToday I learned that leaving is a difficult thing to do, especially when the people you are leaving behind are those who have given so much love to you. I saw the sadness among my loved ones, my relatives and friends who came over our house to see me for the last time before I leave for the UAE. I saw baggy red eyes and tears among them, which only showed that during the last 11 months that I started to live, I have already made a certain imprint on my relatives’ hearts.

Bringing Mom and I to the airport this afternoon are my four grannies, and Ninong Emar and Ninang May.IMG_9700a

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all my folks who took turns taking care of me, who didn’t forget to send gifts during my special days – christening, birthday – or even when there was no occassion. Thank you for all your patience on my tantrums and mood swings, for feeding me when I’m hungry, for changing my diapers when I wet or poo, for looking after me while my parents were busy working for me.

I will come back to visit with my parents next year. You’ll all be surprised to see me grow up fast. And I will already be walking by then.  See you again!

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