20 Apr 09 My First Swim

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This was last 18 April 2009 during mom’s company outing. Training the next “Eric Buhain” is Ninang Filma 🙂


19 Apr 09 9th-Month Birthday!

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This picture was taken this morning by my mom! I am 9 months old today! A few more months and I’ll be one year old! How exciting!

18 Apr 09 YTI Family Day

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Mom’s company held a Family Day at Momarco Resort in Tanay, Rizal today. I had lots of fun especially since I got to do some swimming with Ninang Filma and Tita Sarah. We missed Dada here, but I enjoyed nevertheless!

17 Apr 09 Antipolo Visit

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My family and I climbed up to Antipolo City this evening! We visited our Antipolo house! The house has been empty for a while, since Mom and I are staying in Bulacan lately. Nice to be home!


This is my own bedroom, but I haven’t slept here, not even once 🙂

untitled15I slept on my parent’s bed instead 🙂

10 Apr 09 C-O-L-L-A-G-E

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09 Apr 09 Chat with Dada

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untitled17It’s my first Holy Week. Mom is having a long off, and coincidentally, so is Dad in the UAE. Today, Mom and I had a chat with Dada through the internet. Hay tek!

09 Apr 09 Yumi and Choknat

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This is Yumi and Choknat. They were with us when we went to Baguio last Feb!

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