08 Feb 09 I am now a Christian!

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untitled23Today, I was baptized as a Christian! My parents prepared me for this day and a lot of things had to be done because they said I was expecting more than a hundred guests.

The ceremonies was held a St. Ildefonsus Parish Church in Guiguinto, Bulacan. The priest who baptized me was Monsignor Nocon. There were about twenty other babies who were baptized after me. My ninongs and ninangs were present, as well as my relatives and my parents’ friends.

untitled24     untitled25

Reception followed at St. Agatha Resort where lunch was served. My parents really prepared a lot! The venue was full of balloons, and there were lots of food! A short program was hosted by Ninang Filma.

Some of the guests went for a swim at the pool beside the venue. My guests really enjoyed the day!!

Thanks to all those who attended my Christening! Thanks to all the warm-wishers, including those who were not able to attend but sent their messages through email and text! Thanks to all the gifts I received!

I am now a Christian!!!




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