02 Feb 09 Mug Souvenirs

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untitled26My dada personally attended to the details of my binyag this coming 08 Feb. That included designing the lay out for the mug designs. Dada chose three of his favorite inigo pics and had them printed on the mugs. This will be my souvenir for the people who are attending my binyag. See you there!


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untitled27Here’s the complete list of my ninong/ninangs for my Christening this coming Sunday. Some will not be able to come because some are abroad at this time, but I hope to see the rest! Thanks po, for giving me the chance to be your godson!

NINONGS: Bok, Justin, Jing, Meng, Miller, Remyr, Roger, Rogelio, Rymcon, Lloyd, Frincks, Pits, Pabs, Paul, Ton, Jhun, Nelson, Odie.

NINANGS: Allyn, Gie, Joan, Lei, Maline, May, Millet, Raqz, Filma, Anne, Kat, Tina, Nancy, Chiqui, Anne (canada), Jang, Joyce, Eden, Karen, Laarni, Liezl, Aie.

See you on Sunday!!!

02 Feb 09 Invits Final Design

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Hi everyone! I just want to update my site with the new invits card that my dada personally designed and printed. I think most of you have received the cards, so I hope all of you will be able to come this coming Sunday.

I would love to see you all!!


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