19 Nov 08 Happy Blogiversary!

November 19, 2008 at 1:28 am | Posted in BLOGGING FUN | 2 Comments

blogiversaryToday marks my blog site’s first year anniversary! Today is also my fourth month birthday! Imagine, my blog is older than me! That is because my dad created this site when mom started conceiving me in November last year. Click here to view the very first post.

Dad writes on this blog using my point-of-view, as if I am the one writing the posts. That is because he plans to give this site to me in the future and transfer the ownership when I am able to write blogs myself.  At the moment, I am still unable to write, and i think I will still have to wait until I start attending school. Can’t wait!

While my Dada writes my stories, my Mama supplies all my baby pictures. It’s a mom-and-dad teamwork! Love you both!

Thanks to everyone who drops by and leaves comments and messages. Thanks also to those who just passes by without leaving their footprints 🙂 My parents truly appreciate your taking the time to get to know their baby more. I am so grateful for the wonderful people around me. I thank God for all the blessings.

Happy Blogiversary!! Happy 4th Month Birthday to me!!! Cheers!!!



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  1. congrats anak… congrats daddy… congrats to the 3 of us hihihi..

  2. happy 4th month bday baby!

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