21 Sep 08 Sta. Rita Visit

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I surely miss my family in Sta. Rita, so Mom and I decided to visit them, after being away for a week. Tito Bok fetched us. They missed me, too!

14 Sep 08 Transferred!

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Mom will start working again tomorrow. I will be left home without mom so somebody needs to look after me while she is away. Mom’s folks in Sta. Rita all work as well so Mom and I moved to Guiguinto where my dad’s family is. Dad’s parents just stay at home so they are able to look after me while mom is at work. They were looking for a nanny for me, but they still couldn’t find one. Hmmm… where could she be?


I had lots of baby stuff that I brought with me to Guiguinto. Good thing my titos were there to help mom bring down my things from the car. Thanks po!



I had a very warm welcome in my new home. Mom and I are staying at dad’s room upstairs. I can feel my dada’s presence in the room. Wish he was here.




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