21 July 08 My 2nd Day in the World

July 21, 2008 at 10:59 am | Posted in MILESTONES | Leave a comment

Today is my second day in the outside world. I am still in the hospital and so is mom. Mommy is still recovering from her surgery and I owe a lot of my well-being to her. I knew I could have suffered a lot if I tried to pass down there, when I would not fit in the end. But mom had to take to all the pains, so I would not experience difficulty coming out. Love you, mom!

It feels so nice to have actually come out and meet the people who were eagerly waiting for my coming. I have met quite a lot of my relatives and my parents’ friends, who actually came here in the hospital to visit me and mom.

I heard Dad making some phone calls to mom and I could sense how happy he is that I came out very healthy. I heard he looks like me, but I still have to check that out yet. Sad that I might not see him yet coz he’s so far away from us. I just look forward to the day when he comes back in January next year.

Dad and mom has been receiving lots of nice messages from well-wishers from around the world. This is so overwhelming for me. Thank you so much for this very warm welcome and I hope to see all of you in the future.

I have to sleep again for now… zzz…

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