26 July 08 1st Pedia and Church Visit

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I am 1 week old today. I am continuously growing and starting to learn a lot of things.

Today, we went out to make my very first pediatrician visit. Mom chose Dra. Nancy Candelaria who holds her clnic in Tabang, Guiguinto. She is a cousin of Tita May. I had my first dose of Hepatitis vaccine and was given a prescription of vitamins.

After that, we went to Sta. Rita Parish Church where I got Fr. Dars Cabral’s blessing. I will only be baptized early next year when Dad comes home from abroad. But even if I am not officially a Christian yet, I know by heart that I am.

I have already learned a lot of things on my first week, what more on the next week?! I just can’t wait…

26 July 08 Happy 1st week Bday!

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Today, I am celebrating my first week here on planet earth. Isn’t that amazing?! It’s been a week now since I was born! When I was still inside mommy’s tummy, time flew very slowly. But now, time travels so fast when you are here in the outside world.

Mom and I have learned the proper way of breastfeeding. I was initially dumb how to do it, but now I’m an expert. I’m a fast learner, huh. Mom has also learned how to give me a bath, with the help of my Nanay Remy and Tito Bok. We’re both learning, mom, and we’ll learn everything slowly but surely.

I have also started noticing my new surrounding. My family is very nice to me and they take turns taking care of me. There were birds, fish, cats and dogs in the house. The plants outside are really nice and green. I think the world is a great place to live in!

23 July 08 Bye Kuya

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I am now saying goodbye to this unknown cute baby who gave me a temporary face while I was still inside mommy’s tummy.

Now that I was born, I am changing my main picture using my own cute and handsome faceJ. We looked the same though, coz both of us are really gorgeous-looking. I may not know him personally, but I would like to thank him, whoever he was for allowing his picture to be used temporarily on my site.

This is finally me now on the main picture. It just feels nice to be me now, and I have my own identity.

22 July 08 Home Coming

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Mom and I were discharged this afternoon from the hospital. Before going straight to my mom’s parents’ house, we decided to drop by dad’s parents’ house in Guiguinto. We were greeted by my dad’s family and relatives.

After that, we headed straight to Sta. Rita where Mom and I will be staying for the next couple of months. We were surprised by a huge gift from Tito Emar and Tita May! A Blue stroller! Very nice! Thanks po!

My first night at home is something I will truly cherish. It’s when I really felt that I belong to a family. I am so lucky and blessed to be given such a wonderful family.

21 July 08 First Picture With MOM

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I got the chance to meet and hug for the first time, the person I owe a big part of my being – my mom. She visited me in the nursery and how I waited for this moment when I could finally feel her embrace. Before, we had pictures together, but I was still inside her tummy. But now, I can actually be seen in the picture with her.

During the last nine months that I was inside her tummy, I felt her love towards me. She did a lot of things in order to ensure my welfare and safety. She needed to change a bit of her lifestyle. The sacrifices she made for me can never be quantified, thus, it is very difficult to determine how I can repay her

My mom is the loveliest person in the entire universe.

21 July 08 My 2nd Day in the World

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Today is my second day in the outside world. I am still in the hospital and so is mom. Mommy is still recovering from her surgery and I owe a lot of my well-being to her. I knew I could have suffered a lot if I tried to pass down there, when I would not fit in the end. But mom had to take to all the pains, so I would not experience difficulty coming out. Love you, mom!

It feels so nice to have actually come out and meet the people who were eagerly waiting for my coming. I have met quite a lot of my relatives and my parents’ friends, who actually came here in the hospital to visit me and mom.

I heard Dad making some phone calls to mom and I could sense how happy he is that I came out very healthy. I heard he looks like me, but I still have to check that out yet. Sad that I might not see him yet coz he’s so far away from us. I just look forward to the day when he comes back in January next year.

Dad and mom has been receiving lots of nice messages from well-wishers from around the world. This is so overwhelming for me. Thank you so much for this very warm welcome and I hope to see all of you in the future.

I have to sleep again for now… zzz…

19 July 08 I WAS BORN!

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Today, I heard my parents talking over the phone about me. They said they need to bring me out today. Mom was scheduled for a caesarian section this afternoon so I could come out safely.

At 3pm mom was brought to the operating room. The doctors made a cut slowly into mom’s tummy until they finally saw me, and brought me out to this world! That was amazing!

The nurses gave my first bath and brought me to the nursery. I was placed in a small plastic crib which was later pushed near the glass window. On the other side of the window, I saw my relatives for the first time. They were all smiling. They seemed to be very happy with my arrival!

Thanks for the very warm welcome! I am so glad to see all of you!

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