27 Nov 2007 Questions

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I wonder what lies outside. Is the world ready for me when I come out? How will the world treat me? Will there be lots of problems, like other people experience? Or will I live a very comfortable life? Will I be able to do the things I want to do? Will I be able to achieve all of my dreams?

So many questions, but only time can answer. But one thing is for sure – my mama and dada love me so much. I can feel the warmth of their feelings towards me. I am sure they will help me in reaching my dreams. I know they will always be there to protect and nurture me. I am now learning my first word… love.


23 Nov 2007 Some Thoughts

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bbyHi everyone! I really don’t have anything to say except to thank all of the well-wishers from everywhere. I read dada’s blog and saw a lot of people wishing good health for me and my mom. Some are even unknown to my parents. Thank you so much. I feel so welcome. I think I’ll feel it more when I come out from here.

Mom and I are attending a party tonight. Wow, my first party ever. It’s Tita Leah’s Shower Party somewhere along Roxas Boulevard. Tita Leah is mom’s maid of honor, and best friend. She’s getting married to Tito Marvin next Friday. Congrats po! I’ll try to wiggle here to dance the night away. Hihi!

By the way, mama and dada is celebrating their 5th month today. My kisses to both of you!

21 Nov 2007 pm Vital Stats

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ectodermThis is probably how I look like right now. I can’t tell exactly though.How can I, there’s no mirror here!! I am still a small embryo, with layers of cell. I am floating freely in mommy’s uterus and I am surviving, thanks to the secretions of the uterine lining. I am only measuring about 0.1 to 0.2 mm. Isn’t that some intelligent talk? Aren’t you proud of me? I am so smart, noh….

21 Nov 2007 Nausea

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 Although I wanted to try not to give my mom any discomfort while I am inside her tummy, I can’t help it. I guess it’s all part of the process. She experienced some nausea this morning while at work. I’m so sorry mom. I didn’t mean to make you feel sick. I’ll try to behave as possible here. I love you mama and i don’t want anything wrong happen to you. I’ll try to behave more.

Good thing dada has bought yesterday the special milk for me. Mom drank it last night for the first time, and again this morning, and i think that gave both of us a lot of energy today.

Oh, and thanks dada for the hearty meal last night. I know you cooked that vegetable pasta especially for mom, but I got to eat some too!!! It was so nice! I hope you cook some more special dishes for mom, which in the end will be for me also! Hihi!

Love you both!

19 Nov 2007 1st Clinic Visit

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Gosh, I am so excited! After my parents found out about me, they both decided to have me checked by a doctor today. It will be my first timeand I just can’t wait! Mom will have to be checked too. Good thing dada has no work today, so he can accompany us to the clinic. 

My parents decided to see Dra. Pura Corazon R. Villanueva who was having her clinic at Sacred Heart Hospital in Malolos. She is an OB Gynecologist. Whatever that means, hehe. We did not have an appointment with her, but luck gave us the chance to see her despite the line of patients waiting outside her clinic. 

I felt her fingers palpated me through mom’s abdomen. She then gave my parents some pointers about pregnancy. She also prescribed some tablets for my mom and for me to be able to hang on securely inside mom’s womb. I guess I’ll need lots of them. 

Thanks doc. Thanks mom and dad. I already feel that I am going to be a very healthy baby when I come out.

17 Nov 2007 Today is the Day!

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 Today is the day! I am so excited! Today, mama and dada will use the test kit to find out whether I am really here. Today is the day when I will be formally introduced to my parents! 

I woke up early and noticed that my parents rose up early too. Dad is going to work today but before he prepared himself for work, he helped mama use the test kit for me. Some drops of mom’s weewee was placed on the device… and presto!! I was made known of my existence!!! They now know about me! Hurray hurray!!! I am so happy!

I felt my parents’ happiness too. I felt the warmth and belongingness in my parents’ reaction to the test. I was welcomed to the world with lots of joy. Yes, I can finally say that I am here. 

Today, mama and dada started spreading the good news. My grannies became aware of me, as well as my aunts and uncles. Friends and relatives were also glad about my coming to this world. Everybody seemed to like me immediately. Oh, I would love to see you all. Just allow me some more time here inside mommy’s tummy and I’ll see you all when I am ready. I just need to make myself healthier and more handsome so that I’ll be very cute when I come out. 

Ooops, I still don’t know know whether I am a boy or a girl. I think it will still take time for me to be able to find that out. I heard dada wants me to become a boy, but mama wants me to be a girl. But both of them agrees that whatever God will make me, they just hope that I be of superb health. But I heard dada calling me Inigo while trying to caress me through mama’s tummy. Will that be my name? Cooool!!! But what if I become a girl? Oh well, we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

16 Nov 2007 Not Today

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 Mommy has missed her period for a couple of days now. She decided to buy some sort of a test kit from a drug store on her way home after work. Whoa… was that really for me mom?? Cooool!!

Mom did not come home to our house in Antipolo. She went to grandma and grandpa’s house in Bulacan instead where Dad was waiting for her. Dada has been there since Wednesday because of his work so they have not seen each other for a couple of days. Mama and dada have been texting each other though, and I knew they were talking about me. They were planning to confirm my presence tonight. Sounds interesting to me…

But dada realized after reading the test kit package that it is better to do the testing on a morning, so they decided to postpone the testing till tomorrow morning. Oh mom and dad, can you not do it now?? I am so excited to let you know that I am here.

I know you did not sleep immediately. You were just as excited as me. Oooops, whose snore am I hearing now? Is that you dad??! Eooww! Oh let me just sleep then too…


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